Commit fe72b877 authored by Philip Chimento's avatar Philip Chimento 🚮

build: Look for copied Objective-C files in builddir again

This reverts commit 03c324c6 and fixes
the original problem with e004d5f3 that
caused the revert.

We use $(builddir) instead of $(abs_builddir) so that Automake's
dependency generation works correctly.

See !127.
parent ca98ce42
......@@ -627,13 +627,13 @@ libgio_objc_2_0_la_CFLAGS = $(libgio_2_0_la_CFLAGS) -xobjective-c
libgio_objc_2_0_la_CPPFLAGS = $(libgio_2_0_la_CPPFLAGS)
libgio_objc_2_0_la_LDFLAGS = $(libgio_2_0_la_LDFLAGS) -Wl,-framework,Foundation -Wl,-framework,AppKit
libgio_objc_2_0_la_SOURCES = \
gnextstepsettingsbackend.c \
gosxcontenttype.c \
gosxappinfo.c \
$(builddir)/gnextstepsettingsbackend.c \
$(builddir)/gosxcontenttype.c \
$(builddir)/gosxappinfo.c \
if MAC_OS_X_9
libgio_objc_2_0_la_SOURCES += \
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