Commit fbbad525 authored by Christophe Fergeau's avatar Christophe Fergeau Committed by Philip Withnall

gsettings: Fix leaks and assertion on range binding failures

When using g_settings_bind(), if a range binding triggers a range check
failure, g_settings_binding_property_changed() will return early, but it
won't cleanup properly causing some leaks. The binding will also still
be marked as 'running', which causes an assertion failure when trying to
free it:
"g_settings_binding_free: assertion failed: (!binding->running)"
Signed-off-by: default avatarChristophe Fergeau <>
parent 64d281a1
...@@ -2682,6 +2682,7 @@ g_settings_binding_property_changed (GObject *object, ...@@ -2682,6 +2682,7 @@ g_settings_binding_property_changed (GObject *object,
GSettingsBinding *binding = user_data; GSettingsBinding *binding = user_data;
GValue value = G_VALUE_INIT; GValue value = G_VALUE_INIT;
GVariant *variant; GVariant *variant;
gboolean valid = TRUE;
g_assert (object == binding->object); g_assert (object == binding->object);
g_assert (pspec == binding->property); g_assert (pspec == binding->property);
...@@ -2700,24 +2701,33 @@ g_settings_binding_property_changed (GObject *object, ...@@ -2700,24 +2701,33 @@ g_settings_binding_property_changed (GObject *object,
if (!g_settings_schema_key_type_check (&binding->key, variant)) if (!g_settings_schema_key_type_check (&binding->key, variant))
{ {
gchar *type_str;
type_str = g_variant_type_dup_string (binding->key.type);
g_critical ("binding mapping function for key '%s' returned " g_critical ("binding mapping function for key '%s' returned "
"GVariant of type '%s' when type '%s' was requested", "GVariant of type '%s' when type '%s' was requested",
binding->, g_variant_get_type_string (variant), binding->, g_variant_get_type_string (variant),
g_variant_type_dup_string (binding->key.type)); type_str);
return; g_free (type_str);
valid = FALSE;
} }
if (!g_settings_schema_key_range_check (&binding->key, variant)) if (valid && !g_settings_schema_key_range_check (&binding->key, variant))
{ {
gchar *variant_str;
variant_str = g_variant_print (variant, TRUE);
g_critical ("GObject property '%s' on a '%s' object is out of " g_critical ("GObject property '%s' on a '%s' object is out of "
"schema-specified range for key '%s' of '%s': %s", "schema-specified range for key '%s' of '%s': %s",
binding->property->name, g_type_name (binding->property->owner_type), binding->property->name, g_type_name (binding->property->owner_type),
binding->, g_settings_schema_get_id (binding->key.schema), binding->, g_settings_schema_get_id (binding->key.schema),
g_variant_print (variant, TRUE)); variant_str);
return; g_free (variant_str);
valid = FALSE;
} }
g_settings_write_to_backend (binding->settings, &binding->key, variant); if (valid)
g_settings_write_to_backend (binding->settings, &binding->key, variant);
g_variant_unref (variant); g_variant_unref (variant);
} }
g_value_unset (&value); g_value_unset (&value);
...@@ -1324,6 +1324,33 @@ test_simple_binding (void) ...@@ -1324,6 +1324,33 @@ test_simple_binding (void)
g_object_get (obj, "flags", &i, NULL); g_object_get (obj, "flags", &i, NULL);
g_assert_cmpint (i, ==, TEST_FLAGS_MOURNING | TEST_FLAGS_WALKING); g_assert_cmpint (i, ==, TEST_FLAGS_MOURNING | TEST_FLAGS_WALKING);
g_settings_bind (settings, "uint", obj, "uint", G_SETTINGS_BIND_DEFAULT);
g_object_set (obj, "uint", 12345, NULL);
g_assert_cmpuint (g_settings_get_uint (settings, "uint"), ==, 12345);
g_settings_set_uint (settings, "uint", 54321);
u = 1111;
g_object_get (obj, "uint", &u, NULL);
g_assert_cmpuint (u, ==, 54321);
g_settings_bind (settings, "range", obj, "uint", G_SETTINGS_BIND_DEFAULT);
g_object_set (obj, "uint", 22, NULL);
u = 1111;
g_assert_cmpuint (g_settings_get_uint (settings, "range"), ==, 22);
g_object_get (obj, "uint", &u, NULL);
g_assert_cmpuint (u, ==, 22);
g_test_expect_message (G_LOG_DOMAIN, G_LOG_LEVEL_CRITICAL,
"* is out of schema-specified range for*");
g_object_set (obj, "uint", 45, NULL);
g_test_assert_expected_messages ();
u = 1111;
g_object_get (obj, "uint", &u, NULL);
g_assert_cmpuint (g_settings_get_uint (settings, "range"), ==, 22);
/* The value of the object is currently not reset back to its initial value
g_assert_cmpuint (u, ==, 22); */
g_object_unref (obj); g_object_unref (obj);
g_object_unref (settings); g_object_unref (settings);
} }
...@@ -1472,6 +1499,14 @@ bool_to_string (const GValue *value, ...@@ -1472,6 +1499,14 @@ bool_to_string (const GValue *value,
return g_variant_new_string ("false"); return g_variant_new_string ("false");
} }
static GVariant *
bool_to_bool (const GValue *value,
const GVariantType *expected_type,
gpointer user_data)
return g_variant_new_boolean (g_value_get_boolean (value));
/* Test custom bindings. /* Test custom bindings.
* Translate strings to booleans and back * Translate strings to booleans and back
*/ */
...@@ -1508,6 +1543,17 @@ test_custom_binding (void) ...@@ -1508,6 +1543,17 @@ test_custom_binding (void)
g_assert_cmpstr (s, ==, "true"); g_assert_cmpstr (s, ==, "true");
g_free (s); g_free (s);
g_settings_bind_with_mapping (settings, "string",
obj, "bool",
string_to_bool, bool_to_bool,
g_test_expect_message (G_LOG_DOMAIN, G_LOG_LEVEL_CRITICAL,
"*binding mapping function for key 'string' returned"
" GVariant of type 'b' when type 's' was requested*");
g_object_set (obj, "bool", FALSE, NULL);
g_test_assert_expected_messages ();
g_object_unref (obj); g_object_unref (obj);
g_object_unref (settings); g_object_unref (settings);
} }
...@@ -131,6 +131,10 @@ ...@@ -131,6 +131,10 @@
<key name="flags" flags="org.gtk.test.TestFlags"> <key name="flags" flags="org.gtk.test.TestFlags">
<default>['mourning', 'laughing']</default> <default>['mourning', 'laughing']</default>
</key> </key>
<key name="range" type='u'>
<range min="2" max="44"/>
</schema> </schema>
<schema id='org.gtk.test.enums' path='/tests/enums/'> <schema id='org.gtk.test.enums' path='/tests/enums/'>
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