Commit e28d3ef9 authored by Will Thompson's avatar Will Thompson Committed by David Zeuthen

GDBusMessage: print more debug info about alignment

Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Zeuthen <>
parent ce571012
...@@ -1066,12 +1066,12 @@ parse_value_from_blob (GMemoryInputStream *mis, ...@@ -1066,12 +1066,12 @@ parse_value_from_blob (GMemoryInputStream *mis,
type_string = g_variant_type_peek_string (type); type_string = g_variant_type_peek_string (type);
if (!just_align)
{ {
gchar *s; gchar *s;
s = g_variant_type_dup_string (type); s = g_variant_type_dup_string (type);
g_print ("%*sReading type %s from offset 0x%04x", g_print ("%*s%s type %s from offset 0x%04x",
indent, "", indent, "",
just_align ? "Aligning" : "Reading",
s, s,
(gint) g_seekable_tell (G_SEEKABLE (mis))); (gint) g_seekable_tell (G_SEEKABLE (mis)));
g_free (s); g_free (s);
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