Commit 958da1e9 authored by Allison Karlitskaya's avatar Allison Karlitskaya

GDBusMessage: fast-path encoding of fixed arrays

Instead of handling each item separately, handle the array as a whole.
parent f8d42cef
......@@ -2283,12 +2283,14 @@ append_value_to_blob (GVariant *value,
case 'a': /* G_VARIANT_TYPE_ARRAY */
const GVariantType *element_type;
GVariant *item;
GVariantIter iter;
goffset array_len_offset;
goffset array_payload_begin_offset;
goffset cur_offset;
gsize array_len;
guint fixed_size;
padding_added = ensure_output_padding (mbuf, 4);
if (value != NULL)
......@@ -2312,17 +2314,34 @@ append_value_to_blob (GVariant *value,
array_payload_begin_offset = mbuf->valid_len;
element_type = g_variant_type_element (type);
fixed_size = get_type_fixed_size (element_type);
if (g_variant_n_children (value) == 0)
gsize padding_added_for_item;
if (!append_value_to_blob (NULL,
g_variant_type_element (type),
goto fail;
array_payload_begin_offset += padding_added_for_item;
else if (fixed_size != 0)
GVariant *use_value;
if (g_memory_buffer_is_byteswapped (mbuf))
use_value = g_variant_byteswap (value);
use_value = g_variant_ref (value);
ensure_output_padding (mbuf, fixed_size);
array_len = g_variant_get_size (use_value);
g_memory_buffer_write (mbuf, g_variant_get_data (use_value), array_len);
g_variant_unref (use_value);
guint n;
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