Commit 7fff2647 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Revert "GSettings: fix check for delaying backend subscription"

This reverts commit d511d6b3.
parent 16721468
......@@ -426,24 +426,18 @@ g_settings_real_writable_change_event (GSettings *settings,
static gboolean
g_settings_has_signal_handlers (GSettings *settings,
const gchar *key)
g_settings_has_signal_handlers (GSettings *settings)
GSettingsClass *class = G_SETTINGS_GET_CLASS (settings);
GQuark keyq;
if (class->change_event != g_settings_real_change_event ||
class->writable_change_event != g_settings_real_writable_change_event)
return TRUE;
keyq = g_quark_from_string (key);
if (g_signal_has_handler_pending (settings, g_settings_signals[SIGNAL_WRITABLE_CHANGE_EVENT], 0, TRUE) ||
g_signal_has_handler_pending (settings, g_settings_signals[SIGNAL_WRITABLE_CHANGED], 0, TRUE) ||
g_signal_has_handler_pending (settings, g_settings_signals[SIGNAL_WRITABLE_CHANGED], keyq, TRUE) ||
g_signal_has_handler_pending (settings, g_settings_signals[SIGNAL_CHANGE_EVENT], 0, TRUE) ||
g_signal_has_handler_pending (settings, g_settings_signals[SIGNAL_CHANGED], 0, TRUE) ||
g_signal_has_handler_pending (settings, g_settings_signals[SIGNAL_CHANGED], keyq, TRUE))
g_signal_has_handler_pending (settings, g_settings_signals[SIGNAL_CHANGED], 0, TRUE))
return TRUE;
/* None of that? Then surely nobody is watching.... */
......@@ -1193,7 +1187,7 @@ g_settings_read_from_backend (GSettings *settings,
gchar *path;
/* If we are not yet watching for changes, consider doing it now... */
if (!settings->priv->is_subscribed && g_settings_has_signal_handlers (settings, key->name))
if (!settings->priv->is_subscribed && g_settings_has_signal_handlers (settings))
g_settings_backend_subscribe (settings->priv->backend, settings->priv->path);
settings->priv->is_subscribed = TRUE;
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