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Overview of changes in GLib 2.41.2
* The Unicode support has been updated to version 7.0
of the Unicode standard
* GNotification now supports priorities for notifications
* GCredentials has gained NetBSD support
* GMutex now uses a faster, native implementation on Linux
* Bugs fixed:
699132 Pluggable event loop backends
720708 g_assert_warning(): number of arguments doesn't match for...
722092 Add GtkApplication resources support
724986 Change gio/ to /usr/bin/env perl.
727974 Fix up failure-to-see-expected-message logging
728256 gcredentials: add NetBSD support
728401 GDateTime: Add guards to g_date_time_new()
729825 Formatting of g_alloca documentation
729914 instead of DEBUG_CODE and IF_DEBUG, provide a common macro...
730293 clang++-3.4: error: 'register' storage class specifier is ...
731339 giochannel: avoid setting uninitialised length
731424 #ifdef spaghetti for load_user_special_dirs() implementations
731623 GNotification: add support for a priority setting
731929 update tables to unicode 7.0.0
731950 gvalue: New g_value_from_instance
731986 GLib: implement GMutex natively on Linux
732184 GObject: warn on use of deprecated properties
732357 Docs: various fixes and improvements
732429 GActionEntry: improve documentation
732465 Fix build on x64 Visual C++ builds
732704 Docs: various fixes and improvements
732739 ginetsocketaddress: Explicitly initialise flags for getaddr...
732754 GDBusMessage: optimise (de)serialisation of fixed arrays
732984 g_object_ref(NULL) in g_dbus_object_manager_client_finalize
733084 Typos in g_bytes_hash() and g_time_zone_find_interval() docs
733146 spawn helper does not use correctly the parameters
* Translation updates:
Overview of changes in GLib 2.41.1
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