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gsettings: Expand documentation default value l10n

Mention context, translation category, and the need for syntactic
validity of the translated values.
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* Similar to GConf, the default values in GSettings schemas can be
* localized, but the localized values are stored in gettext catalogs
* and looked up with the domain that is specified in the
* gettext-domain attribute of the <schemalist> or <schema>
* elements and the category that is specified in the l10n attribute of
* the <key> element.
* `gettext-domain` attribute of the <schemalist> or <schema>
* elements and the category that is specified in the `l10n` attribute of
* the <default> element. The string which is translated includes all text in
* the <default> element, including any surrounding quotation marks.
* The `l10n` attribute must be set to `messages` or `time`, and sets the
* [locale category for
* translation](
* The `messages` category should be used by default; use `time` for
* translatable date or time formats. A translation comment can be added as an
* XML comment immediately above the <default> element — it is recommended to
* add these comments to aid translators understand the meaning and
* implications of the default value. An optional translation `context`
* attribute can be set on the <default> element to disambiguate multiple
* defaults which use the same string.
* For example:
* |[
* <!-- Translators: A list of words which are not allowed to be typed, in
* GVariant serialization syntax.
* See: -->
* <default l10n='messages' context='Banned words'>['bad', 'words']</default>
* ]|
* Translations of default values must remain syntactically valid serialized
* #GVariants (e.g. retaining any surrounding quotation marks) or runtime
* errors will occur.
* GSettings uses schemas in a compact binary form that is created
* by the [glib-compile-schemas][glib-compile-schemas]
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