Commit 627b49b3 authored by Stef Walter's avatar Stef Walter

gio: Fix regression encoding an array of doubles

Take the simple slow path in this case. Encoding a double
takes special precautions as you can see in append_value_to_blob()
and friends.
parent b6c1d696
......@@ -1210,6 +1210,11 @@ get_type_fixed_size (const GVariantType *type)
/* NB: we do not treat 'b' as fixed-size here because GVariant and
* D-Bus disagree about the size.
* In addition 'd' is encoded differently by GVariant and DBus, so
* we force (en|de)coding rather than direct use of fixed data.
switch (*g_variant_type_peek_string (type))
......@@ -1219,7 +1224,7 @@ get_type_fixed_size (const GVariantType *type)
return 2;
case 'i': case 'u': case 'h':
return 4;
case 'x': case 't': case 'd':
case 'x': case 't':
return 8;
return 0;
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