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    build: Drop Visual Studio projects · f658e94e
    Chun-wei Fan authored
    In master, it is already possible to build GLib using Visual Studio
    using Meson[1] for some time, so we should focus on maintaining only the
    Meson build files for building GLib with Visual Studio.
    [1]: There are caveats when building with Visual Studio 2008, namely
         that one needs to use the mt command to embed the manifests that
         are generated with the .exe/DLLs, for all builds, and that in the
         case where the compilation hangs on Visual Studio 2008 x64, as a
         workaround, should stop the build by terminating all cl.exe tasks
         and change the compiler optimization flag from /O2 (full speed) to
         /O1 (optimize for size), due to compiler optimization issues.
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