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    gio: cleanup gdbusmessage.c file · 7c205ae9
    Lukasz Skalski authored
    * removed passing GError to ensure_input_padding() function
      - it was necessary before commit 3e5214c1
      when we used GData*Streams and GMemoryInputStream with
      g_seekable_seek() - now it's useless,
    * removed checking return value of ensure_input_padding()
      function - in previous implementation (like above)
      g_seekable_seek() could return FALSE - now it's always TRUE,
    * removed passing GError to g_memory_buffer_read_*() functions
      and checking returned value - it also has been inherited after
      old implementation with g_data_input_stream_read_*() functions
      - now it's also useless
    * cleaned up code formatting,
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