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    • Emmanuele Bassi's avatar
      binding: Add a default marshaller for the closure API · 4bc9654c
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      The g_object_bind_property_with_closures() function should set a
      marshaller if the two GClosures don't have one already. This simplifies
      the caller code and avoids duplication.
      We need to add a new marshaller to the gmarshal.list matching the
      signature of the GBindingTransformFunc function.
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    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Implement. · 0038581e
      Owen Taylor authored
      Mon Aug 27 14:55:27 2001  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* gsourceclosure.[ch] (g_source_set_closure): Implement.
      	* gsourceclosure.[ch]: Add GType's for GIOChannel, GIOCondition.
      Mon Aug 27 14:56:12 2001  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* glib/gmain.h: Add closure_marshal/closure_callback
      	fields to GSourceFuncs for use by g_source_set_closure().
      	* glib/gmain.c glib/giounix.c glib/giowin32.c
      	  glib/gmain.h: Export the SourceFuncs vtables so GObject
      	can use them to figure out closure callbacks/marshallers
      	for the default source types.
  7. 09 Mar, 2001 1 commit
    • Tim Janik's avatar
      test program. covers run first/last/cleanup signal handlers, return value · 43b692c8
      Tim Janik authored
      Fri Mar  9 14:57:17 2001  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
              * testgruntime.c: test program. covers run first/last/cleanup signal
              handlers, return value accumulator, signal string returns, and
              interface types in signal arguments.
              * gtype.c (g_type_value_table_peek): for interface types without
              value table, try looking up a value table from an instantiatable
              prerequisite type (this is safe as an interface may only have
              one instantiatable prerequisiste).
              (type_check_is_value_type_U): same here.
              * gsignal.c (g_signal_newv): assert that return types never have
              G_SIGNAL_TYPE_STATIC_SCOPE set.
              (g_signal_newc): only create class closure if the class_offset is not
  8. 07 Mar, 2001 1 commit
    • Tim Janik's avatar
      changed prototype of g_boxed_type_register_static() to contain an optional · 37e4b8c8
      Tim Janik authored
      Wed Mar  7 09:36:33 2001  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
      	* gboxed.[hc]: changed prototype of g_boxed_type_register_static()
      	to contain an optional init function and a hint at whether the
      	boxed structure uses ref counting internally.
      	added g_value_set_boxed_take_ownership().
      	made G_TYPE_BOXED an abstract value type.
      	* genums.[hc]: made G_TYPE_ENUM and G_TYPE_FLAGS abstract value
      	* glib-genmarshal.c: argument type changes, preparation for third-party
      	arg specification.
      	* gobject.[hc]: cleaned up get/set property code.
      	added g_strdup_value_contents() to improve warnings.
      	* gparam.[hc]: added g_param_value_convert(), taking over responsibility
      	of the old g_value_convert(). added G_PARAM_LAX_VALIDATION flag so
      	validation alterations may be valid a part of the property setting
      	* gparamspecs.[hc]: made value comparisons stable (for sort applications).
      	added GParamSpecValueArray, a param spec for value arrays and
      	GParamSpecClosure. nuked the value exchange functions and
      	* gtype.[hc]: catch unintialized usages of the type system with
      	g_return_val_if_uninitialized(). introduced G_TYPE_FLAG_VALUE_ABSTRACT
      	to flag types that introduce a value table, but can't be used for
      	g_value_init(). cleaned up reserved type ids.
      	* gvalue.[hc]: code cleanups and saner checking.
      	nuked the value exchange API. implemented value transformations, we
      	can't really "convert" values, rather transforms are an anylogy to
      	C casts, real conversions need a param spec for validation, which is
      	why g_param_value_convert() does real conversions now.
      	* gvaluearray.[hc]: new files that implement a GValueArray, a struct
      	that can hold inhomogeneous arrays of value (to that extend that it
      	also allowes undefined values, i.e. G_VALUE_TYPE(value)==0).
      	this is exposed to the type system as a boxed type.
      	* gvaluetransform.c: new file implementing most of the former value
      	exchange functions as single-sided transformations.
      	* gvaluetypes.[hc]: nuked G_TYPE_CCALLBACK, added
      	* *.h: s/G_IS_VALUE_/G_VALUE_HOLDS_/.
      	* *.[hc]: many fixes and cleanups.
      	* many warning improvements.
      Tue Feb 27 18:35:15 2001  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
      	* gobject.c (g_object_get_valist): urg, pass G_VALUE_NOCOPY_CONTENTS
      	into G_VALUE_LCOPY(), this needs proper documenting.
      	* gparam.c: fixed G_PARAM_USER_MASK.
      	* gtype.c (type_data_make_W):
      	(type_data_last_unref_Wm): fixed invalid memory freeing.
      	* gobject.c (g_object_last_unref): destroy signal handlers associated
      	with object, right before finalization.
      	* gsignal.c (g_signal_parse_name): catch destroyed nodes or signals
      	that don't actually support details.
      	* gobject.[hc]: got rid of property trailers. nuked GObject
      	properties "data" and the "signal" variants.
      	(g_object_connect): new convenience function to do multiple
      	signal connections at once.
      	(g_object_disconnect): likewise, for disconnections.
      	* gparam.[hc] (g_param_spec_pool_lookup): took out trailer support.
      	* gvalue.[hc]: marked g_value_fits_pointer() and g_value_peek_pointer()
      	as private (the latter got renamed from g_value_get_as_pointer()).
      Wed Mar  7 09:32:06 2001  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
              * glib-object.h: add gvaluearray.h.
              * gstring.[hc]: fixup naming of g_string_sprint*.
              * gtypes.h: fixed GCompareDataFunc naming.
      Wed Mar  7 09:33:27 2001  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
              * gobject/Makefile.am: shuffled rules to avoid excessive
              * gobject/gobject-sections.txt: updates.
              * gobject/tmpl/*: bunch of updates, added another patch
              from Eric Lemings <eric.b.lemings@lmco.com>.
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