Commit d36f6a96 authored by David King's avatar David King Committed by Rico Tzschichholz

gobject.h: Use correct format specifier for __LINE__

GCC 5.0, with its new -Wformat-signedness, warns about the sign being
different between a type and the format string in printf-format
messages, leading to compiler warnings with G_OBJECT_WARN_INVALID_PSPEC.
In other uses of __LINE__ inside GLib, %d is used, and GCC seems to
expect a format specifier of %d as well:
parent e966cc51
......@@ -627,7 +627,7 @@ G_STMT_START { \
GObject *_glib__object = (GObject*) (object); \
GParamSpec *_glib__pspec = (GParamSpec*) (pspec); \
guint _glib__property_id = (property_id); \
g_warning ("%s:%u: invalid %s id %u for \"%s\" of type '%s' in '%s'", \
g_warning ("%s:%d: invalid %s id %u for \"%s\" of type '%s' in '%s'", \
__FILE__, __LINE__, \
(pname), \
_glib__property_id, \
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