Commit c476f7cd authored by Allison Karlitskaya's avatar Allison Karlitskaya

gsignal: add a clarification to the docs

As evidenced by a mistake that I made recently, this documentation could
use a little bit of clarification.
parent d511d6b3
......@@ -2867,6 +2867,12 @@ g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched (gpointer instance,
* Returns whether there are any handlers connected to @instance for the
* given signal id and detail.
* If @detail is 0 then it will only match handlers that were connected
* without detail. If @detail is non-zero then it will match handlers
* connected both without detail and with the given detail. This is
* consistent with how a signal emitted with @detail would be delivered
* to those handlers.
* One example of when you might use this is when the arguments to the
* signal are difficult to compute. A class implementor may opt to not
* emit the signal if no one is attached anyway, thus saving the cost
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