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GLib 2.43.3

parent 11a846b6
Overview of changes in GLib 2.43.3
* add g_set_object() convenience function
* GNetworkMonitor: check if NM is not running and don't crash
* fix some races with g_mkdir_with_parents
* fix some warnings in MSVC
* avoid use of G_STRLOC in G_OBJECT_WARN_INVALID_PSPEC in order to save
on static strings
* fix some content type vs. mime issues
* documentation improvements
* Bugs fixed:
719455 g_file_make_directory_with_parents() can erroneously throw G_IO_ERROR_EXISTS
732439 GSocket: avoid unnecessary g_socket_wait_condition() for blocking sockets
734946 Implement GContentType on OSX
741589 gobject: Add g_set_object() convenience function to set GObject pointers
741653 gnetworkmonitornm: Check if network-manager is running
741654 [patch] gobject: don't use G_STRLOC in G_OBJECT_WARN_INVALID_PSPEC() macro
741707 Gsocket blocks trying to send data
741788 Document GSettings build system integration
742548 stay out of autoconf's namespace
742851 avoid MSVC warnings in G_STMT_END
742972 ggettext: Include an example of setlocale() and friends in the i18n docs
743014 gtestutils: Add an example of using test fixtures
* Translations updated:
Brazilian Portuguese
Overview of changes in GLib 2.43.2
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