Commit 856632c4 authored by Gian Mario Tagliaretti's avatar Gian Mario Tagliaretti Committed by Matthias Clasen

Fix a typo in GFile docs

Fixed function name in GFile docs from g_set_display_name to
g_file_set_display_name so that gtk-doc can link correctly.  (#578002)
parent 950de29d
......@@ -3050,7 +3050,7 @@ g_file_set_display_name (GFile *file,
* Asynchronously sets the display name for a given #GFile.
* For more details, see g_set_display_name() which is
* For more details, see g_file_set_display_name() which is
* the synchronous version of this call.
* When the operation is finished, @callback will be called. You can then call
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