Commit 491a036d authored by Johan Bilien's avatar Johan Bilien

Fix translation from GIO's file attr to xattr attributes

Bug 579862 – requesting xattr::foo ends up calling getxattr(...,

The patch makes sure we escape xattr::, not xattr:, before adding user.
and calling getxattr.
parent a9c33dbd
......@@ -527,7 +527,7 @@ get_xattrs (const char *path,
attr2 = strchr (attr, ':');
if (attr2)
attr2++; /* Skip ':' */
attr2 += 2; /* Skip '::' */
unescaped_attribute = hex_unescape_string (attr2, NULL, &free_unescaped_attribute);
if (user)
a = g_strconcat ("user.", unescaped_attribute, NULL);
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