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Commit 3f6d233e authored by Sébastien Wilmet's avatar Sébastien Wilmet

docs: code example for enumeration types

I had to read the GTK+ code recently to have an example.
parent 0110f2a8
......@@ -50,6 +50,19 @@
* GObject ships with a utility called [glib-mkenums][glib-mkenums],
* that can construct suitable type registration functions from C enumeration
* definitions.
* Example of how to get a string representation of an enum value:
* |[<!-- language="C" -->
* GEnumClass *enum_class;
* GEnumValue *enum_value;
* enum_class = g_type_class_ref (MAMAN_TYPE_MY_ENUM);
* enum_value = g_enum_get_value (enum_class, MAMAN_MY_ENUM_FOO);
* g_print ("Name: %s\n", enum_value->value_name);
* g_type_class_unref (enum_class);
* ]|
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