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2005-08-24 Stepan Kasal <>
* glib/gtypes.h (G_MININT64): Cast the constant to gint64; it is
guint64 otherwise and that can produce warnings about comparison
between signed and unsigned.
2005-08-23 Matthias Clasen <>
* glib/gutils.c: Fix the crt_externs.h include.
2005-08-23 Stepan Kasal <>
* NEWS: Fix spelling of my first name.
2005-08-23 Matthias Clasen <>
* Bump version
* === Released 2.8.1 ===
* NEWS: Updates
2005-08-20 Hans Breuer <>
* glib/ : link with ws2_32.lib
2005-08-18 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Check for <sys/wait.h>
* glib/gbacktrace.c: Include <sys/wait.h> on if HAVE_SYS_WAIT_H.
2005-08-18 Ross Burton <>
* glib/gstring.c:
Optimise single-character insertions.
* glib/gutf8.c:
Note copied code.
* tests/string-test.c:
Add tests for new optimisation, and fix a leak.
2005-08-17 Matthias Clasen <>
* Check for crt_externs.h and _NSGetEnviron.
* glib/gutils.c: On Darwin, include crt-externs.h and
define environ using _NSGetEnviron(). (#313731)
2005-08-16 Stepan Kasal <>
* glib/gutils.c (g_get_any_init): Move the body of the big if...
(g_get_any_init_do): ... to this new function.
(g_get_any_init): Declare as inline.
(g_get_any_init_locked): New inline function, does the locking.
Make use of these two throughout the code.
2005-08-15 Matthias Clasen <>
* glib/gbacktrace.c (g_on_error_stack_trace): Wait for
the child process and then simply return. This makes
The "S" option work as documented in g_on_error_query().
(#313125, Matthew F. Barnes)
* glib/gunicode.h: Update the link to Unicode category
values. (#313369, Behnam Esfahbod)
* glib/gqueue.c (g_queue_find_custom): Clarify docs
a little. (#311727, Tristan van Berkom)
* glib/, gobject/ Make the
check work on ia64 too, where some symbols ended up
in yet another section.
2005-08-12 Matthias Clasen <>
* Bump version
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