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      styles: revert addition of struckthrough · 9892d934
      Christian Hergert authored
      Instead, this should be using a declarative definition so that
      style-schemes can style it appropriately.
      There may be some more base styles that can be relied on in the future,
      but we want to avoid declaring style like this from language specs.
    • Christian Hergert's avatar
      stylescheme: add support for fallback style-ids · f04f89bc
      Christian Hergert authored
      As we try to make styles more declarative, we need a fallback to ensure
      that we don't break existing style-schemes in the wild.
      Related to !77
    • Jeffery To's avatar
      def.lang: Rename "underlined" style to "net-address" · adc85255
      Jeffery To authored
      This renames the "underlined" style to "net-address":
      * Default styles all have logical/functional names, e.g. "constant",
        "function". The "underlined" style is the only one with a stylistic
      * Almost all current uses of the "underlined" style are for URLs or
        email addresses.
      The only non-address use of the "underlined" style is for
      "markup-emphasis" in asciidoc.lang. This also changes this mapping to
      "def:doc-comment-element" (following markdown.lang).
      This also keeps the "underlined" style, mapping it to "net-address", for
      backwards-compatibility with third-party language definitions.
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      html.lang: Update tag and attribute name regular expressions · 5385eb27
      Jeffery To authored
      This updates the regular expressions for tag and attribute names,
      following the 12.2 Parsing HTML documents[1] section of the HTML Living
      Standard, specifically:
      * Preprocessing the input stream
      * Tag open state
      * Tag name state
      * Before attribute name state
      * Attribute name state
      These characters are flagged as parse errors during preprocessing:
      * Surrogates[2]
      * Noncharacters[3]
      * Controls[4]
      (Including surrogate characters in GRegex regular expressions leads to
      compilation errors "disallowed Unicode code point (>= 0xd800 && <=
      0xdfff)", so they are not included/checked.)
      Null characters are also flagged as errors later in the parsing process.
      Other characters (whitespace, "/", ">", etc.) trigger state changes and
      so cannot be part of the tag / attribute name.
      Fixes #87.
      [1]: https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/parsing.html#parsing
      [2]: https://infra.spec.whatwg.org/#surrogate
      [3]: https://infra.spec.whatwg.org/#noncharacter
      [4]: https://infra.spec.whatwg.org/#control
  3. 03 Nov, 2019 1 commit
    • Jeffery To's avatar
      def.lang: Add Unicode identifier category regular expressions · 3abe31a0
      Jeffery To authored
      This adds regular expressions for the Unicode ID_Start and ID_Continue
      categories to def.lang, so that they may be reused in different language
      (These regular expressions are necessary because GRegex does not yet
      support referencing these categories directly, e.g. \p{ID_Start}.)
      This also updates python3.lang to use these new regular expressions.
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