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    • Christian Hergert's avatar
      tests: add example yaml file · 61ff68f6
      Christian Hergert authored
      This includes a couple snippets from the spec, to simplify testing.
    • Роман Донченко's avatar
      yaml.lang: improve the highlighting of quoted strings · a9c777c9
      Роман Донченко authored
      * Allow them to be multiline.
      * Add highlighting for escape sequences. This necessitates splitting
        the "string" context into "single-quoted-string" and
        "double-quoted-string", as the escaping rules are different.
      * Allow empty quoted strings ("") to be highlighted correctly. The previous
        end regex prevented the closing quote in this case to be recognized
        as such, as it required it to be preceded by at least one character.
    • Роман Донченко's avatar
      yaml.lang: fix some cases of falsely recognized map keys · d53e1abb
      Роман Донченко authored
      First, don't recognize keys inside of quoted strings. Currently, "a: b"
      is recognized as a map entry with `"a` as the key and `b"` as the value.
      Fix that by giving the "string" context a higher priority than the "map"
      Second, prevent some comments from being recognized as map entries.
      Specifically, cases like this:
       # foo: bar
      Even though the "map" context has lower priority than the "comment"
      context, this would still be recognized as a map entry, because the map
      regex would match the line starting with the leading space and thus be
      the leftmost match. Fix this by requiring the first character of a map
      key to not be a whitespace character.
      There is still a case where a map entry is recognized where it shouldn't
      foo # bar: baz
      However, I don't see a way to fix this without running into the
      performance problem described in the comment in the "map" context
    • Роман Донченко's avatar
      yaml.lang: improve detection of block scalars · eda6cda0
      Роман Донченко authored
      Allow chomping indicators, indentation indicators, trailing whitespace
      and a trailing comment on the line with the block scalar indicator.
      See the YAML 1.2 spec, section 8.1.1.
      Unfortunately, we can't use the indentation indicator to determine which of
      the following lines to include in the scalar, so a block scalar with an
      indentation indicator will still be highlighted incorrectly overall, unless the
      indicator is redundant.
    • Christian Hergert's avatar
    • Jordi Mas's avatar
      build: update build instructions · 0cf0a283
      Jordi Mas authored
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    • Christian Hergert's avatar
      sourceview: remove use of deprecated pango_find_base_dir() · 6ff0a0cd
      Christian Hergert authored
      The pango_find_base_dir() requires retriving the line text up front and
      then passing that to pango (who in turn passes it to fribidi). The various
      pango functions for this are deprecated as we should be using fribidi
      directly going forward.
    • Christian Hergert's avatar
      build: add expliciti fribidi dependency · 8b124f7e
      Christian Hergert authored
      We already depend on this indirectly via Pango and we can use it to
      fix deprecations. We do not need to include it in our public dependencies
      of the pkg-config file, so it is added to private requires.