Commit bcd8d51d authored by schrieveslaach's avatar schrieveslaach Committed by Sébastien Wilmet

bibtex.lang: add string context for bib(la)tex values
parent 97d71475
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@
<style id="entry-type" _name="Entries" map-to="def:keyword"/>
<style id="field" _name="Field" map-to="def:identifier"/>
<style id="string" _name="String" map-to="def:string"/>
<default-regex-options case-sensitive="false"/>
......@@ -97,11 +98,23 @@
<context id="string" class-disabled="no-spell-check">
<match extended="true">
<context sub-pattern="1" style-ref="string" class="string"/>
<context sub-pattern="2" style-ref="string" class="string"/>
<context id="bibtex">
<context ref="latex:latex"/>
<context ref="entry-type"/>
<context ref="field"/>
<context ref="string"/>
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