Commit 690db0ea authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert

pixbufhelper: render symbolic icons using widgets style context

If the icon is symbolic, we need to render it using the widgets
style context so that the symbolic colors match the stylescheme.
parent c1b50f47
......@@ -292,7 +292,21 @@ from_name (GtkSourcePixbufHelper *helper,
if (info)
set_cache (helper, gtk_icon_info_load_icon (info, NULL));
GdkPixbuf *pixbuf;
if (gtk_icon_info_is_symbolic (info))
GtkStyleContext *context;
context = gtk_widget_get_style_context (widget);
pixbuf = gtk_icon_info_load_symbolic_for_context (info, context, NULL, NULL);
pixbuf = gtk_icon_info_load_icon (info, NULL);
set_cache (helper, pixbuf);
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