Commit 3abe31a0 authored by Jeffery To's avatar Jeffery To

def.lang: Add Unicode identifier category regular expressions

This adds regular expressions for the Unicode ID_Start and ID_Continue
categories to def.lang, so that they may be reused in different language

(These regular expressions are necessary because GRegex does not yet
support referencing these categories directly, e.g. \p{ID_Start}.)

This also updates python3.lang to use these new regular expressions.
parent 7548a495
......@@ -124,6 +124,17 @@
<!-- $^ never matches. -->
<define-regex id="never-match">$^</define-regex>
<!-- Unicode ID_Start and ID_Continue characters
Descriptions from
Other_ID_Start and Other_ID_Continue code points from
<define-regex id="unicode-id-start" extended="true">
<define-regex id="unicode-id-continue" extended="true">
<define-regex id="decimal" extended="true">
(?&lt;![\w\.]) ([1-9][0-9]* | 0) (?![\w\.])
......@@ -50,22 +50,11 @@
<!-- -->
<define-regex id="id-start" extended="true">
[\p{Lu}\p{Ll}\p{Lt}\p{Lm}\p{Lo}\p{Nl}_] |
[\x{1885}-\x{1886}\x{2118}\x{212E}\x{309B}-\x{309C}] # Other_ID_Start (Unicode 12.1.0)
<define-regex id="id-continue" extended="true">
\%{id-start} |
[\p{Mn}\p{Mc}\p{Nd}\p{Pc}] |
[\x{00B7}\x{0387}\x{1369}-\x{1371}\x{19DA}] # Other_ID_Continue (Unicode 12.1.0)
Underscore ('LOW LINE' U+005F) is a member of \p{Pc}, and so included in def:unicode-id-continue
<define-regex id="identifier" extended="true">
(?&gt; \%{id-start} \%{id-continue}* )
(?&gt; (?: _ | \%{def:unicode-id-start} ) \%{def:unicode-id-continue}* )
<define-regex id="number">[1-9][0-9]*</define-regex>
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