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Version 1.75.2

- There are new `Gio.Application.prototype.runAsync()` and
  `GLib.MainLoop.prototype.runAsync()` methods which do the same thing
  as `run()` but return a Promise which resolves when the main loop ends,
  instead of blocking while the main loop runs. Use one of these methods
  (by awaiting it) if you use async operations with Promises in your
  application. Previously, it was easy to get into a state where Promises
  never resolved if you didn't run the main loop inside a callback. [Evan

- There are new `Gio.InputStream.prototype.createSyncIterator()` and
  `Gio.InputStream.prototype.createAsyncIterator()` methods which allow
  easy iteration of input streams in consecutive chunks of bytes, either
  with a for-of loop or a for-await-of loop. [Sonny Piers]

- DBus proxy wrapper classes now have a static `newAsync()` method,
  which returns a Promise that resolves to an instance of the proxy
  wrapper class on which `initAsync()` has completed. [Marco Trevisan]

- DBus property getters can now return GLib.Variant instances directly,
  if they have the correct type, instead of returning JS values and
  having them be packed into GLib.Variants. [Andy Holmes]

- Dramatic performance improvements in the legacy `imports.signals`
  module, which has also gained a `connectAfter()` method that works like
  the same-named method in GObject signals. (However, the signals module
  remains legacy, and is mostly there for historical reasons with GNOME
  Shell. Don't use it in new code.) [Marco Trevisan]

- For years we have had a typo in `Cairo.LineCap.SQUARE`, incorrectly
  naming it `SQUASH`. This is fixed and the typoed name is retained as an
  alias. [Vítor Vasconcellos]

- Also in Cairo, the value of `Cairo.Format.RGB16_565` was wrong. This
  was fixed with a breaking change, because anyone using it was probably
  already not getting the results they expected. [Vítor Vasconcellos]

- Continuing the Cairo improvements, SVG surfaces have gained
  `Cairo.SVGSurface.prototype.finish()` and
  `Cairo.SVGSurface.prototype.flush()` because previously SVG surfaces
  were only written to disk when the SVGSurface object was garbage
  collected, making it uncertain to rely on them. [tuberry]

- The debugger now handles Symbol values and Symbol property keys of
  objects. Previously, these were not displayed correctly. [Philip

- Various type-safety refactors [Marco Trevisan]

- Many bug fixes and performance improvements.

- Closed bugs and merge requests:
  * Promises in do not fullfil until loop exit [#468,
    !732, Evan Welsh]
  * console: Various cleanups to tracing functions and increase
    structured logging metadata [!756, Marco Trevisan]
  * Legacy signals code optimizations [!757, Marco Trevisan]
  * meson: Depend on g-i 1.71 and enable newly supported tests [!761,
    Marco Trevisan]
  * Gio: Add support for initializing a DBus Proxy via a promise [#494,
    !794, Marco Trevisan, Philip Chimento]
  * Make GInputStream iterable and async iterable [!573, !797, Sonny
  * Gio: allow D-Bus implementations to return pre-packed variants
    [!796, Andy Holmes]
  * Update ESLint tooling [!798, Sonny Piers]
  * Various maintenance [!804, !814, !820, Philip Chimento]
  * Add legacy signals connectAfter method [!805, Marco Trevisan]
  * arg-cache: Add support passing caller-allocated C-arrays [!806,
    Marco Trevisan]
  * Crash when passing an introspected function as a callback argument
    [#518, !809, Philip Chimento]
  * CI: Upgrade CI images to F37 [!810, Philip Chimento]
  * Possible errors in cairo enums [#516, !811, Vítor Vasconcellos]
  * ci: Only run source check jobs if relevant files have been changed
    [!812, Marco Trevisan]
  * cairo.SVGSurface need finish() and flush() to finalize painting
    [#515, !816, tuberry]
  * signals: Fix bugs when multiple handlers are connected and
    disconnect is called [!818, Evan Welsh]
  * Handle Symbol values in pretty-printer and debugger [!819, Philip

Version 1.74.2

- Various fixes ported from the development branch.

- Closed bugs and merge requests:
  * build error with clang [#514, !807, Philip Chimento]
  * can't compile current version with mozjs 102 [#503, !808, Philip
  * Enabling window-list extension causes gnome-shell to crash when
    running "dconf update" as root [#510, !813, Philip Chimento]
  * log: Fix an off-by-one buffer overflow [!817, Valentin David]