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Version 1.73.2

- New JavaScript features! This version of GJS is based on SpiderMonkey
  102, an upgrade from the previous ESR (Extended Support Release) of
  SpiderMonkey 91. Here are the highlights of the new JavaScript features.
  For more information, look them up on MDN or

  * New APIs
    + The `Object.hasOwn()` static method can be used as an easier
      replacement for ``.
    + `Intl.supportedValuesOf()` lets you enumerate which calendars,
      currencies, collation strategies, numbering systems, time zones,
      and units are available for internationalization.

- It's now possible to use `GObject.BindingGroup.prototype.bind_full()`
  with JS functions. Previously this method was unusable in JS.

- Gio.FileEnumerator is now iterable, both synchronously (with for-of or
  array spread syntax) and asynchronously (with for-await-of).

- Performance improvements in the built-in `imports.signals` module.

- Many improvements to the examples and documentation.

- Closed bugs and merge requests:
  * Spidermonkey 102 [#487, !765, !785, Evan Welsh, Philip Chimento]
  * Object connections / signal emissions optimizations [#485, !758,
    Marco Trevisan]
  * tests/Gio: Cleanup Gio._promisify [!767, Marco Trevisan]
  * Include JUnit reports in builds [!768, Marco Trevisan]
  * Integrate pretty print to the debugger [!769, Nasah Kuma]
  * doc: Edit GJS description [!771, Sonny Piers]
  * doc: note the version `constructor()` became supported [!774, Andy
  * build: disable sysprof agent for subproject fallback [!775,
    Christian Hergert]
  * Update CI images [!776, !777, !778, Philip Chimento]
  * GListModel.get_n_items returns garbage value [#493, !779, Florian
  * Add override for g_binding_group_bind_full() [!780, Florian Müllner]
  * doc: Modernize examples [!781, Sonny Piers]
  * doc: Document byteArray deprecation and migration [!782, Sonny
  * doc: add simple Gtk.TickCallback example [!783, Andy Holmes]
  * Make GFileEnumerator iterable and async iterable [!784, Sonny Piers]