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Version 1.73.1

- The interactive interpreter now displays its output more
  intelligently, pretty-printing the properties and values of objects
  based on their type. This improvement also applies to the log() and
  logError() functions.

- New API: DBus proxy classes now include methods named with the suffix
  'Async', which perform async calls to DBus APIs and return Promises.
  This is in addition to the existing suffixes 'Sync' (for blocking
  calls) and 'Remote' (for async calls with callbacks.)

- There is an override for Gio.ActionMap.prototype.add_action_entries().
  Previously this method wouldn't work because it required an array of
  Gio.ActionEntry objects, which are not possible to construct in GJS.
  Now it can be used with an array of plain objects. (e.g.
  `this.add_action_entries([{name: 'open', activate() { ... }}]);`

- GJS is now compatible with libffi 3.4.2 and later. All earlier
  versions of GJS are not compatible with libffi 3.4.2 and later unless
  libffi is built with the --disable-exec-static-tramp flag.

- GJS now requires Meson 0.54 to build.

- Closed bugs and merge requests:
  * Verbose Object Print Output [#107, !587, Nasah Kuma]
  * Add support for JS async calls in DBusProxyWrapper [!731, Sergio
  * Crash after build against libffi 3.4.2 [#428, !737, Evan Welsh]
  * Handle reference cycles in new console pretty print function [#469,
    !739, Nasah Kuma]
  * Gnome-Shell 42 - crash after login (general protection fault) [#479,
    !740, Xi Ruoyao]
  * Various maintenance [!741, Philip Chimento]
  * jsapi-util-strings: Ignore locale to compute the upper case of a
    char (i.e. fix implicit properties on Turkish locale) [!742, Marco
  * Dockerfile: Install Turkish locale in CI for UTF-8 locale too [!743,
    Marco Trevisan]
  * Improve pretty-print output for GObject-introspected objects [#476,
    !744, Nasah Kuma]
  * Expose pretty print function to tests [!745, Nasah Kuma]
  * build: track changes to Sysprof meson options [!747, Christian
  * Make Gio.ActionMap.add_action_entries work [#407, !749, Sonny Piers]
  * Make DBus session and system props non-enumerable [!750, Sonny
  * gi/arg-inl: Mark the arg functions as constexpr [!752, Marco
  * build: Do not use verbose GJS debug logging in tests by default
    [!753, Marco Trevisan]
  * minijasmine: Print test JS errors output if any [!754, Marco
  * doc: document the existence of the console object in GJS [!759, Andy
  * arg-cache: Use a switch to select the not-introspectable error
    [!762, Marco Trevisan]
  * log_set_writer_func is not safe to use [#481, !766, Evan Welsh]