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# ScanQT
ScanQT is a new gadget made by ScanQT Team from Iran. You can turn your phont to a scanner using this gadget so easily. ScanQT helps people who are creating content and teaching online.
# Requirements to contribute this project
To contribute this project, You need to know about some technologies. Here we listed these technologies:
- HTML5 & CSS3
- Vue, JavaScript framework
- npm (Node Package Manager)
- SASS Language
- Webpack
# Project Directory Structure
- The output directory for CSS files is /dist/stylesheet
- The output directory for JS files is /dist/javascript
- CSS and JavaScript Libraries are imported from /lib directory
- You've to use SASS to watch & export the changes from '/dev/stylesheet' to output directory.
- You've to use Webpack to watch and export the changes from 'dev/javascript/ to output directory.
- The directory '/node_modules' is ignored, So you've to install whatever you need to contribute.
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