Commit ffad8433 authored by Juan Pablo Ugarte's avatar Juan Pablo Ugarte
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* ChangeLog: added entry for offscreen-design-layout branch merge to master

parent a39e9c43
2011-01-25 Juan Pablo Ugarte <>
* gladeui/glade-design-layout.[ch]:
o Made GladeDesignLayout an offscreen container, all its children are redirected offscreen
and composited later on. This allow us drawing "pretty" selections over widgets.
o added new function derived from glade_design_layout_widget_event(),
glade_design_layout_do_event() to marshal events from the override class handler
o added glade_design_layout_selection_set()
o reworked cursors pointer in an array to ease setting them.
o replaced glade_design_layout_get_pointer_region () with gdl_get_activity_from_pointer()
o removed call to gtk_widget_size_allocate() in glade_design_layout_update_child()
fixes rendering glith while resizing
* gladeui/glade-design-view.c: set layout selection on project's selection-changed signal
* gladeui/glade-app.[ch]:
o added glade_app_do_event()
o set custom gdk event handler to marshal event to GladeDesignLayouts using
* gladeui/glade-utils.[ch]: removed unused function glade_util_draw_selection_nodes()
* gladeui/glade-widget.[ch]:
o moved IS_GLADE_WIDGET_EVENT macro to header.
o replaced glade_widget_connect_signal_handlers() with glade_widget_add_events()
2011-01-24 Tristan Van Berkom <>
* 41 files: Fixed typo in LGPL License file headers.
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