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*, NEWS: Rolling 3.10.0

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2011-04-05 Tristan Van Berkom <>
*, NEWS: Rolling 3.10.0
2011-04-05 Juan Pablo Ugarte <>
* gladeui/glade-widget-adaptor.[ch]:
......@@ -11,7 +15,7 @@
o Added new API glade_widget_find_child()
o glade_widget_constructor() do not set catalog defaults for internal widgets.
(Fixes GtkDialog action area orientation)
* plugins/gtk+/glade-gtk-action-widgets.[ch]:
o reworked code from GtkDialog support to read and write widget actions special tags
found in GtkDialog and GtkInfoBar widgets
......@@ -25,7 +29,7 @@
o Fixed GtkDialog derived classes placeholders creation.
o Set GtkButton::stock on post_create when reason is user.
(Fixes bug in internal buttons with stock icons)
o Made glade_gtk_container_get_children() chain up to parent implementation to get
o Made glade_gtk_container_get_children() chain up to parent implementation to get
internal widget and purify the list to remove posible duplicates
* plugins/gtk+/
Glade 3.10.0
- Fixed some glitches in the new workspace - Juan Pablo Ugarte
- Removed the unwritten user manual from the menus.
- Added support for GdkRGBA properties
- Add support for editing the PangoFontDesctiption in GtkLabel attributes
- Put File->Properties before Quit in the File menu - Frederic Peters
- Added GObject introspection generation to the build - Pablo Castellano & Alan Knowles
- Added support for GtkRecentChooserMenu
- More last minute sealing of the api (privatized some more files).
- Created the GladePreview object to handle previews and fixed
preview related bugs - Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita
- Added support for editing GtkGrid
- Icons now available for all widget classes - Florent Thévenet and some by Dolean Samuel.
- Cleaned up the palette by removing H/V subclasses.
- Added support for GtkAppChooser* classes.
- Migrate from PyGTK to PyGObject introspection-based bindings - Craig Keogh
- Some refactoring of GladeEditable and custom editors in the backend
- Added a special "deprecation" graphic to overlay on
top of deprecated widget icons.
- Added high-resolution applicaiton icon - Jakub Steiner / William Jon McCann
- Refactored the core to automate the management of internal children - Juan Pablo Ugarte
- Fixed loads of bugs, some fixes by Christopher Aillon,
Craig Keogh, Cosimo Cecchi, Juan Pablo Ugarte
Glade 3.9.2
......@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
m4_define(glade_major_version, 3)
m4_define(glade_minor_version, 9)
m4_define(glade_micro_version, 2)
m4_define(glade_minor_version, 10)
m4_define(glade_micro_version, 0)
m4_define(glade_version, glade_major_version.glade_minor_version.glade_micro_version)
AC_INIT([glade], [glade_version],
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