Commit 8ea7dec7 authored by Tristan Van Berkom's avatar Tristan Van Berkom
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Fixed expand/fill child properties to be save-always

parent 605cddf7
......@@ -324,8 +324,8 @@ embedded in another object</_tooltip>
<!-- position needs to be always saved in case of using pack end -->
<property id="position" weight="0" save-always="True"/>
<property id="padding" transfer-on-paste="True" weight="0.5"/>
<property id="expand" transfer-on-paste="True"/>
<property id="fill" transfer-on-paste="True"/>
<property id="expand" transfer-on-paste="True" save-always="True"/>
<property id="fill" transfer-on-paste="True" save-always="True"/>
<property id="pack-type" transfer-on-paste="True">
<value id="GTK_PACK_START" _name="Start"/>
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