Commit 4a8c0972 authored by Juan Pablo Ugarte's avatar Juan Pablo Ugarte
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Update Changelog

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2012-03-24 Juan Pablo Ugarte <>
* gladeui/glade-base-editor.c, gladeui/glade-editable.[ch],
gladeui/glade-editor-property.c, gladeui/glade-editor.c,
Migrated hand coded _get_type() function to G_DEFINE_TYPE() macro plus identation fixes.
2012-03-23 Juan Pablo Ugarte <>
* gladeui/glade-signal-editor.[ch]: Added support for signal detail.
Fixes bug #670792 "Unable to connect to specific notify signals."
* gladeui/glade-signal-model.[ch]: added GLADE_SIGNAL_COLUMN_DETAIL to
* gladeui/glade-signal.[ch]: added GladeSignal:detail property
* gladeui/glade-widget.c: set detail on glade_widget_change_signal_handler()
2012-03-19 Daniel Mustieles <>
* gladeui/glade-previewer.c: Fixed bug #662046
2012-03-19 Juan Pablo Ugarte <>
* gladeui/glade-accumulators.[ch]: Added new accumulator _glade_strv_handled_accumulator()
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