Commit 295db1f5 authored by Tristan Van Berkom's avatar Tristan Van Berkom
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Fixed bad merge on last cherry-pick

parent c830b375
......@@ -7208,10 +7208,11 @@ glade_gtk_tool_item_constructor (GType type,
glade_gtk_tool_item_post_create (GladeWidgetAdaptor * adaptor,
GObject * object, GladeCreateReason reason)
glade_gtk_tool_item_post_create (GladeWidgetAdaptor *adaptor,
GObject *object,
GladeCreateReason reason)
g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_TOOL_ITEM (object));
GladeWidget *gitem = glade_widget_get_from_gobject (object);
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