Commit 07d0bf3b authored by Tristan Van Berkom's avatar Tristan Van Berkom
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GladeWidget: Use glade_widget_has_name()

In some places, instead of strncmp() directly
parent e7430cc3
......@@ -4342,7 +4342,7 @@ glade_widget_write (GladeWidget *widget,
/* Conditionally omit the ID in the output if the name is 'unset'
if (strncmp (widget->priv->name, GLADE_UNNAMED_PREFIX, strlen (GLADE_UNNAMED_PREFIX)) != 0)
if (glade_widget_has_name (widget))
glade_xml_node_set_property_string (widget_node,
GLADE_XML_TAG_ID, widget->priv->name);
......@@ -5055,8 +5055,7 @@ void
glade_widget_ensure_name (GladeWidget *widget,
GladeProject *project)
if (!widget->priv->name ||
strncmp (widget->priv->name, GLADE_UNNAMED_PREFIX, strlen (GLADE_UNNAMED_PREFIX)) == 0)
if (!glade_widget_has_name (widget))
gchar *new_name = glade_project_new_widget_name (project, NULL,
glade_widget_adaptor_get_generic_name (widget->priv->adaptor));
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