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    Encapsulated name tracking mechanism · 4f1e473e
    Tristan Van Berkom authored
    	* gladeui/Makefile.am, gladeui/glade-name-context.[ch]: Encapsulated name tracking mechanism
    	* gladeui/glade-project.c, gladeui/glade-command.c: Now added a naming policy to the project
    	with prefs and load/save support + a glade command to set it - also revamped the prefs dialog,
    	it also pops up automatically for new projects.
    	* gladeui/glade-editor.c, gladeui/glade-editor-property.c, gladeui/glade-property-class.c,
    	gladeui/glade-property.c, gladeui/glade-widget.c: All effected since now 
    	glade_property_class_make_gvalue_from_string () needs a GladeWidget argument to do
    	hierachic context sensitive searches... that and naming is much cleaner now.
    	* src/glade-window.c: remember to pass ownership of the project to the app.
    	* plugins/gtk+/glade-gtk.c, plugins/gtk+/glade-column-types.c, plugins/gtk+/glade-model-data.c:
    	BEWARE: Dangerous and still a work in progress.
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