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    add a packing argument. (glade_widget_set_default_options): we now set the · 4aec257b
    Chema Celorio authored
    2001-08-04  Chema Celorio  <chema@celorio.com>
    	* src/glade-widget.c (glade_widget_set_default_options_real): add a packing
    	(glade_widget_set_default_options): we now set the default options in two
    	steps. Firts the object properties and
    	(glade_widget_set_default_packing_options): secondly the packing properties.
    	The packing properties are applied after the widget is appended to the container
    	* src/glade-property-class.c (glade_property_class_get_default_from_spec):
    	default is now a member of GladePropertyClass not a GladeParameter.
    	* src/glade-parameter.c (glade_parameter_adjustment_new): get the default
    	from the parameters only if def was not specified. Added a default variable
    	to the function.
    	* src/glade-packing.c: add file. Takes care of container packing related
    	* src/glade-gtk.c (glade_gtk_vbox_get_size): add the prototype, still
    	no content
    	(glade_gtk_vbox_set_size): ditto.
    	* src/glade-editor.c (glade_editor_load_packing_page): impl. Adds
    	the packing page.
    	* src/Makefile.am: add packging.[ch]
    	* src/glade-popup.c (glade_popup_create_menu): make the popup-menu
    	work. Select now works.
    	* src/glade-widget.h: remove ->popup. destroy it right away.
    2001-08-03  Chema Celorio  <chema@celorio.com>
    	* src/glade-widget-class.c (glade_widget_class_list_signals): plug a memleak
    	(glade_widget_class_compose_get_type_func): plug a memleak
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