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    * gladeui/glade-app.[ch]: Added glade_app_queue_selection_changed() · 45d30477
    Tristan Van Berkom authored
    	* gladeui/glade-command.c: queue selection changes when widgets are added, this
    	  avoids synchrounously poking the model when the selection changes various times
    	  in a command sequence such as changing a menu item's type.
    	* gladeui/glade-base-editor.c: Dont call glade_command_create/delete() directly
    	  in change-type, keep delegating this work to build-child/delete-child signals.
    	* gladeui/glade-widget.[ch]: Added glade_widget_is_ancestor()
    	* gladeui/glade-utils.c: Change glade_util_find_iter_by_widget() to use
    	  glade_widget_is_ancestor() and speed up searches a little this way.
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