Commit d2959e4f authored by Robert Ancell's avatar Robert Ancell Committed by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto

power: Simplify GPtrArray memory management

parent ed6ac15b
Pipeline #13719 passed with stages
in 3 minutes and 11 seconds
......@@ -134,11 +134,7 @@ cc_power_panel_dispose (GObject *object)
g_clear_object (&self->builder);
g_clear_object (&self->screen_proxy);
g_clear_object (&self->kbd_proxy);
if (self->devices)
g_ptr_array_foreach (self->devices, (GFunc) g_object_unref, NULL);
g_clear_pointer (&self->devices, g_ptr_array_unref);
g_clear_pointer (&self->devices, g_ptr_array_unref);
g_clear_object (&self->up_client);
g_clear_object (&self->bt_rfkill);
g_clear_object (&self->bt_properties);
......@@ -867,7 +863,6 @@ up_client_device_removed (UpClient *client,
if (g_strcmp0 (object_path, up_device_get_object_path (device)) == 0)
g_object_unref (device);
g_ptr_array_remove_index (self->devices, i);
......@@ -2621,6 +2616,10 @@ cc_power_panel_init (CcPowerPanel *self)
g_signal_connect (self->up_client, "device-removed", G_CALLBACK (up_client_device_removed), self);
self->devices = up_client_get_devices (self->up_client);
/* up_client_get_devices doesn't set a free function, we'll set it so we don't need to do it.
g_ptr_array_set_free_func (self->devices, g_object_unref);
for (i = 0; self->devices != NULL && i < self->devices->len; i++) {
UpDevice *device = g_ptr_array_index (self->devices, i);
g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (device), "notify",
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