Commit 20d24992 authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg Committed by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto

display: Enable all monitors when switching to join config

The new code had a bug in that it only ever enabled the first monitor
rather than all usable ones. Fix this by removing the erroronuous break.
Also clarify the comment a bit that the current solution is not really
ideal as it may result in invalid configurations (i.e. we enable more
outputs than are possible with the number of available CRTCs).

Fixes #418
parent c8ffb340
......@@ -250,14 +250,15 @@ config_ensure_of_type (CcDisplayPanel *panel, CcDisplayConfigType type)
g_debug ("Creating new join config");
/* Enable all usable outputs */
/* Enable all usable outputs
* Note that this might result in invalid configurations as we
* we might not be able to drive all attached monitors. */
cc_display_config_set_cloning (panel->current_config, FALSE);
for (l = outputs; l; l = l->next)
CcDisplayMonitor *output = l->data;
cc_display_monitor_set_active (output, cc_display_monitor_is_usable (output));
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