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Version 3.37.3
- Update various panels with more modern GTK practices
- Improve how time periods are displayed
- Rework CI images to use FreeDesktop-style templates
- Improve Settings icon
- Updated translations
- Integrate with parental controls
Date & Time
- Add new time editor UI
- Various cleanups
Lock Screen
- Add USB protection entry when available
- Add option to show battery percentage
- Various smaller UI adjustments
- Do not authenticate SMB servers when search field is edited
- Set label for checkbox properly
- Use gnome-remote-desktop instead of Vino on X11
- Fix translation of "System Sounds"
- Stop non-interactive profile changes from triggering changed events
User Accounts
- Always show permissions bar, even when no users are listed
- Use custom setting to override faces
- New Fingerprint dialog and various related improvements
- Integrate with parental controls
Version 3.36.1
'gnome-control-center', 'c',
version : '3.37.0',
version : '3.37.3',
license : 'GPL2+',
meson_version : '>= 0.51.0'
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