Commit 7bbd01ad authored by Raja R Harinath's avatar Raja R Harinath
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Actually compile `control-center' if it is enabled.

* (SUBDIRS): Actually compile `control-center' if
it is enabled.
(always_built_SUBDIRS): Reinstate `smproxy'.
parent 2f9e694a
1998-08-19 Raja R Harinath <>
* (SUBDIRS): Actually compile `control-center' if
it is enabled.
(always_built_SUBDIRS): Reinstate `smproxy'.
1998-08-19 Martin Baulig <>
* Conditionally compiling `control-center' if
......@@ -7,15 +7,15 @@ control_center = control-center
always_built_SUBDIRS = panel applets \
gsm pixmaps desktop-links desktop-properties help-browser \
gsm smproxy pixmaps desktop-links desktop-properties help-browser \
gnome-terminal core-docs
sometimes_built_SUBDIRS = gmenu smproxy control-center
sometimes_built_SUBDIRS = gmenu control-center
SUBDIRS = intl po macros $(always_built_SUBDIRS) $(gmenu)
SUBDIRS = intl po macros $(always_built_SUBDIRS) $(gmenu) $(control_center)
DIST_SUBDIRS = intl po macros $(always_built_SUBDIRS) \
#DIST_SUBDIRS = intl po macros $(always_built_SUBDIRS) \
# $(sometimes_built_SUBDIRS)
EXTRA_DIST = gnome-core.spec
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