Commit 68e11d61 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera
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Version 3.20.1
- Translate the "When the Power Button is pressed" drop-down
- Fix a number of build warnings
- Fix crash opening Wacom panel under Wayland
- Fix Wi-Fi list being empty when enabled within the Network panel
- Throw an error when using the Synaptics touchpad driver
- Add support for older versions of CUPS
- Hide firewall zone combo when firewalld isn't running
- Fix the visual bell test not working in some cases
Version 3.20.0
m4_define([gnome_control_center_version], 3.20.0)
m4_define([gnome_control_center_version], 3.20.1)
AC_INIT([gnome-control-center], [gnome_control_center_version],
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