Commit 5096b6ff authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera
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parent 07c6c4d3
Version 3.19.3
- Fix syntax errors in gnome-sharing-panel.desktop
- Fix a number of memory leaks
- Require grilo 0.3
- Better empty state in the printers panel
- Redesign Mouse and Touchpad panel
- Move double-click delay, repeat keys delay and cursor blinking
to the Universal access panel
- Remove "General" tab in the Keyboard panel
- Add configuration for the Power button
- Use header bars for dialogues in the region panel
- Add help overlay
Version 3.18.1
m4_define([gnome_control_center_version], 3.18.1)
m4_define([gnome_control_center_version], 3.19.3)
AC_INIT([gnome-control-center], [gnome_control_center_version],
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