Commit 4838ce42 authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner Committed by Julian Sparber
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background: Remove some dead code

update_preview() is never called with a non-NULL item.

parent 28f7de1c
......@@ -82,24 +82,12 @@ get_current_background (CcBackgroundPanel *panel,
static void
update_preview (CcBackgroundPanel *panel,
GSettings *settings,
CcBackgroundItem *item)
GSettings *settings)
CcBackgroundItem *current_background;
current_background = get_current_background (panel, settings);
if (item && current_background)
g_object_unref (current_background);
current_background = cc_background_item_copy (item);
if (settings == panel->settings)
panel->current_background = current_background;
panel->current_lock_background = current_background;
cc_background_item_load (current_background, NULL);
if (settings == panel->settings)
cc_background_preview_set_item (panel->desktop_preview, current_background);
......@@ -337,7 +325,7 @@ on_settings_changed (GSettings *settings,
CcBackgroundPanel *panel)
reload_current_bg (panel, settings);
update_preview (panel, settings, NULL);
update_preview (panel, settings);
static void
......@@ -359,9 +347,9 @@ cc_background_panel_init (CcBackgroundPanel *panel)
/* Load the backgrounds */
reload_current_bg (panel, panel->settings);
update_preview (panel, panel->settings, NULL);
update_preview (panel, panel->settings);
reload_current_bg (panel, panel->lock_settings);
update_preview (panel, panel->lock_settings, NULL);
update_preview (panel, panel->lock_settings);
/* Background settings */
g_signal_connect (panel->settings, "changed", G_CALLBACK (on_settings_changed), panel);
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