Commit c975e024 authored by Emmanuele Bassi's avatar Emmanuele Bassi

Avoid a compiler warning

If there are no built-in modules, the `builtin_module` variable is not
used, and the compiler will warn about it.

Since we're already using the variable inside a macro, we can just
declare it inside the macro block and save us the trouble altogether.
parent 946d5e71
......@@ -399,20 +399,14 @@ gdk_pixbuf_io_init (void)
GdkPixbufModulePattern *pattern;
GError *error = NULL;
GdkPixbufModule *builtin_module ;
/* initialize on separate line to avoid compiler warnings in the
* common case of no compiled-in modules.
builtin_module = NULL;
#define load_one_builtin_module(format) \
builtin_module = g_new0 (GdkPixbufModule, 1); \
builtin_module->module_name = #format; \
if (gdk_pixbuf_load_module_unlocked (builtin_module, NULL)) \
file_formats = g_slist_prepend (file_formats, builtin_module);\
else \
g_free (builtin_module)
#define load_one_builtin_module(format) G_STMT_START { \
GdkPixbufModule *__builtin_module = g_new0 (GdkPixbufModule, 1); \
__builtin_module->module_name = #format; \
if (gdk_pixbuf_load_module_unlocked (__builtin_module, NULL)) \
file_formats = g_slist_prepend (file_formats, __builtin_module); \
else \
g_free (__builtin_module); } G_STMT_END
#ifdef INCLUDE_ani
load_one_builtin_module (ani);
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