Release 0.11.0

0.11.0 - Black Box


  • The preferences window has a new layout that allows for more features/customization to be added
  • Added support for the system-wide dark style preference - #17
  • Users can now set a terminal color scheme for dark style and another for light style
  • Black Box now uses the new libadwaita about window
  • New themes included with Black Box: one-dark, pencil-dark, pencil-light, tomorrow, and tommorrow-night
  • Black Box will also load themes from ~/.var/app/com.raggesilver.BlackBox/schemes - #54
  • You can customize which and how your shell is spawned in Black Box - #43
    • Run command as login shell
    • Set custom command instead of the default shell


  • The Linux and Tango color schemes have been removed
  • All color schemes must now set background-color and foreground-color

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from typing values in the preferences window - #13
  • Middle-click paste will now paste from user selection - #46
  • Color scheme sorting is now case insensitive
  • Long window title resizes window in single tab mode - #77
  • Drag-n-drop now works with multiple files - #67
  • Improved theme integration. Popovers, menus, and lists are now properly styled according to the user's terminal color scheme - #42
New about window
New about window

Custom command demo
Custom command demo