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<title>GNOME &gnomeversion; Release Notes</title>
<holder>GNOME Foundation</holder>
<publishername>GNOME Foundation</publishername>
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<para>GNOME has a time-based release schedule. This means that there is a
new GNOME release with accompanying notes every six months, to the minute.</para>
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<orgname>GNOME Documentation Project</orgname>
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<sect1 id="intro">
GNOME &gnomeversion; is the latest version of the GNOME Desktop: a
popular, multi-platform desktop environment for your computer.
GNOME's focus is ease of use, stability, and first class
internationalization and accessibility support.
GNOME is Free and Open Source Software and provides all of the common
tools computer users expect of a modern computing environment, such as
email, groupware, web browsing, file management, multimedia, and games.
Furthermore, GNOME provides a flexible and powerful platform for software
developers, both on the desktop and in mobile applications.
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<title>GNOME &gnomeversion;</title>
<imagedata fileref="&urlfiguresbase;gnome.png" format="PNG"/>
The GNOME Desktop is released every six months and contains many new features,
improvements, bug fixes, and translations. GNOME &gnomeversion; continues this
tradition. To learn more about GNOME and the qualities that
distinguish it from other computer desktop environments (such as usability,
accessibility, internationalization, and freedom) visit the
<ulink url="">About GNOME</ulink> page on our
<para><ulink url="">Join us today</ulink> and see what
a difference you can make.</para>
GNOME &gnomeversion; includes all of the improvements made in GNOME &lastversion; and
earlier. You can learn more about the changes that happened in
GNOME &lastversion; from its
<ulink url=";/">release
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<!-- What's New For Users -->
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<!-- What's New In A11y -->
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<!-- What's New For Administrators -->
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<!-- What's New For Contributors -->
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<!-- What's New for Developers -->
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<!-- What's New In Mobile -->
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<!-- Internationalization -->
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<!-- Installing GNOME -->
<include href="rninstallation.xml" xmlns=""/>
<!-- Known Issues -->
<!-- Looking to the future: -->
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<sect1 id="rnfriends">
<title>Become a Friend of GNOME!</title>
During the 2.26 development cycle the GNOME Foundation also launched
a new Friends of GNOME program. Now supporters can sign up to help
the GNOME Foundation with recurring $10/month donations.
Friends of GNOME is a way for individuals to support the GNOME project's
mission of providing a free and open source desktop for everyone
regardless of ability. With no advertising or outreach, the foundation raised
anywhere from $6,000 to $20,000 a year from generous individuals. That
money has contributed to the funds for hackfests, local events and
programs which in turn have enabled the GNOME project to create an
internationalized, accessible and easy to use desktop software for both
traditional desktops and for mobile devices.
Head over to the <ulink url="">Friends of
GNOME website</ulink>.
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<!-- TRANSLATOR: insert your translation credit between the 1st and 2nd
These release notes were compiled by Davyd Madeley with extensive
help from the GNOME community. The translation into Alpha Centaurian
was done by the GNOME Furry Creatures from Alpha Centauri Translation
Team. On behalf of the community, ... -->
These release notes were compiled by Paul Cutler
with extensive help from the GNOME community. On behalf of the
community, we give our warmest thanks to the developers and contributors
who made this GNOME release possible.
This work may be freely translated into any language. If you wish to
translate it into your language, please contact the
<ulink url="">GNOME Translation
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