Commit 647e68ec authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera Committed by Richard Hughes

Make --quit close the front-end and the backend

To match both the option's description (“Quit the running instance”),
and the fact that it's a command-line option for developers and
command-line aficionados.

This doesn't change the behaviour of the “Quit” action in the
gnome-shell app menu.

Closes: #844
parent 8b8f38fa
......@@ -1057,8 +1057,10 @@ gs_application_handle_local_options (GApplication *app, GVariantDict *options)
if (g_variant_dict_contains (options, "quit")) {
/* The 'quit' command-line option shuts down everything,
* including the backend service */
g_action_group_activate_action (G_ACTION_GROUP (app),
return 0;
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