Commit b06c48de authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵

GMainContext - Fix GSource iterator if iteration can modify the list

We first have to ref the next source and then unref the previous one.
This might be the last reference to the previous source, and freeing the
previous source might unref and free the next one which would then leave
use with a dangling pointer here.

Fixes #2031
parent 5140c6c2
......@@ -1004,13 +1004,17 @@ g_source_iter_next (GSourceIter *iter, GSource **source)
* GSourceList to be removed from source_lists (if iter->source is
* the only source in its list, and it is destroyed), so we have to
* keep it reffed until after we advance iter->current_list, above.
* Also we first have to ref the next source before unreffing the
* previous one as unreffing the previous source can potentially
* free the next one.
if (next_source && iter->may_modify)
g_source_ref (next_source);
if (iter->source && iter->may_modify)
g_source_unref_internal (iter->source, iter->context, TRUE);
iter->source = next_source;
if (iter->source && iter->may_modify)
g_source_ref (iter->source);
*source = iter->source;
return *source != NULL;
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