Commit 730a75fc authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵

GMainContext - Move mutex unlocking in destructor right before freeing the mutex

This does not have any behaviour changes but is cleaner. The mutex is
only unlocked now after all operations on the context are done and right
before freeing the mutex and the context itself.
parent aa20167d
......@@ -585,7 +585,6 @@ g_main_context_unref (GMainContext *context)
source = s_iter->data;
g_source_destroy_internal (source, context, TRUE);
for (sl_iter = context->source_lists; sl_iter; sl_iter = sl_iter->next)
......@@ -596,6 +595,7 @@ g_main_context_unref (GMainContext *context)
g_hash_table_destroy (context->sources);
g_mutex_clear (&context->mutex);
g_ptr_array_free (context->pending_dispatches, TRUE);
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