Commit dd0fec47 authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

x11: Simplify function

Displays get made default displays automatically, so there's no need to
do it in the vfunc.
parent f345051d
......@@ -76,16 +76,7 @@ static GdkDisplay *
gdk_x11_display_manager_open_display (GdkDisplayManager *manager,
const gchar *name)
GdkDisplay *display;
display = _gdk_x11_display_open (name);
if (display != NULL)
if (gdk_display_manager_get_default_display (manager) == NULL)
gdk_display_manager_set_default_display (manager, display);
return display;
return _gdk_x11_display_open (name);
static void
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